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Photo a Day – Week 1 Favorite

It’s the first week of the Photo-A-Day challenge and I’m pleased to say I did it. Woo hoo – a whole 7 days and I didn’t miss a one! Small feat I know but still…I’m putting this in the win column. 🙂

Out of the first seven topics (today, something new, heart, the view from here, movement, mine, street) I went with a pretty straight forward approach of doing exactly what the topic was. The only one I got a little creative on was the “mine” photo where I held my husband’s hand and took a photo of his wedding ring. It didn’t turn out to be my favorite photo of the week but it was kinda cute (in the if you know me sorta way). What was my favorite photo of this week? Well the one of my daughter kicking butt on the basketball court of course. 🙂

Motion - (c) 2013 Rocky Coast Photography

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week 1 Favorite

  1. No small feat with all the commitments you follow through in your daily life… I like this photo…would be nice to see all seven with the favorite highlighted as such – that’s my photography lover talking 🙂

    1. Thank you Anne! Ahhhh. That might be an idea. I was going to post them all at the end of the month but doing a weekly post with all 7 as you said might work better – and show you more photos more often. 🙂

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