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The Sock Fairy Strikes Again

Back in February I posted about how I signed up to be a Sock Fairy to the little one of a friend. As winter was around the corner, back in October, her mom brought me a note and the silk tapestry bag the first pair had been delivered in. She was ready for a new pair and included a skein of yarn and a little note that read:

“Dear Honey Willowdancer – Could you please knit me a new pair of socks – bigger than the other ones. I wanted to know if you know how to make mittens or hats. P.S. The yarn is for you to use! Size 8 (with a heart and her signature on back)”

Last night I FINALLY finished them and today dropped them off in the mailbox so they’d be waiting for her when she got home from pre-school.  I hope they fit. I was using a pair of socks her mom gave me to go by but I’m not very good at winging it and much prefer to have actual foot measurements. Next time I’ll get them though.

knitted toe up socks, sock fairy

And I have the perfect handspun yarn from OnTheRound to make her a hat. I have yet to make mittens (yep, you read that right I have never knit a pair of mittens) so those might have to wait.

toe up socks, sock fairy


4 thoughts on “The Sock Fairy Strikes Again

  1. She is a lucky little one indeed! Today I brought her home from school and asked her to please get the mail–not an unusual request. This was followed by some resistance (she is almost 5 and wants to make up her own mind about everything thank you–no seed planting for her, despite her mother’s green thumb!). Eventually she made it the length of our sidewalk. Squeals of delight followed, the door slammed, and she exclaimed, “Something stupendous happened, come see!” As she danced around, the socks finally emerged from their bag and on they went–over her tights! She attempted sleeping in them, but alas they are too warm for bed. The gift, however, clearly warmed her spirit and her heart. Thank you Sock Fairy. 🙂

  2. Such pretty yarn! And I think you are very brave to try making socks for little ones using another sock or foot measurements.
    As far as mittens go – and I’ve knit boot socks – the body of the mitten is just like making a sock – the thumb is rather like making that too, it is just fewer stitches and a bit of a challenge I’ve found to manage 4 needles in such a small space – but I’m sure your dancing fingers would do it easily so don’t be put off the the “mitten thumb terrors” 🙂
    Your work is beautiful!

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