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Happy “A” Day A

I did not give birth to her, but was there for her birth.

I was lucky enough to get to choose her name.

I had the privilege of filling out over 75 pages of paperwork saying that I want to care for this child, I want to love her, make sure she has all that she ever needs, to be there for her unconditionally, for as long as she needs me.

I was, and still am, blessed with this wonderful gift from God.

Before I am anything else to anyone else, including myself, I am her mother.

Today we celebrate her second adoption anniversary, the first being when I adopted her on my own. This anniversary date is the celebration of when my husband adopted her (and I did for a second time) making her name the same as ours, at her asking. Happy 4th year of being a Poisson Miss A. 🙂 xoxo


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