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Tasty Tuesday – Frito Pie

It’s been a few weeks since I shared a Tasty Tuesday post and well the last few days have been cold, windy and rainy AND the perfect weather for soup, stews, and other warm comfort food meals. The latter is exactly what today’s post is.

Have you ever had Frito Pie? According to Wikipedia…

The exact origins of the Frito pie are unknown though there are several stories as to its beginnings. One of the stories says that the Frito pie originated with Frito-Lay’s founder Elmer Doolin’s mother. It claims that Daisy Dean Doolin came up with the Frito pie sometime after creating the first Frito chip. Mentions of the Frito pie are nearly as old as the company itself which was founded in 1932. Another of the stories claims that true Frito pie originated only in the 1960s with Teresa Hernández, who worked at the F. W. Woolworth’s lunch counter in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Where ever it started doesn’t matter to me as much as it’s a super-easy, quick-to-make midweek dinner and perfect for those chilly days.

Frito PieHere is what you need to make Frito Pie.

Your favorite Chili Recipe
A bag of Fritos
Cheddar Cheese

Take a handful of Fritos and plop them into a your bowl. Take a scoop of chili and place on top (think red sauce on top of spaghetti). Top with cheddar cheese and consume.

That’s it.

What’s great about this is you can put your chili ingredients in the crock pot to have ready when you get home or the next time you make chili double the batch and freeze half. This is a perfect dinner for those nights when everyone is short on time or you need something warm and cozy in your belly.


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  1. Um, yummy! Haven’t had Frito’s in I don’t know how long…probably because they are addictive. 🙂

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