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Another Day in Dirt

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to get back in the garden and boy did I miss it. Yesterday was a perfect sunny 65 degrees with just the lightest wind to keep me from getting too hot. When I was last outside I had gotten 3 of the 5 garden spaces ready for the year. Since then my darling husband has built me 3 new raised beds and the herb garden is 95% ready. My Birthday/Mother’s Day gift was 2 new beds but I convinced him that if we made one 4×8 bed and two 2×8 beds it was really the same garden space (though more work for him). He did it and then shoveled and filled all 5 beds with compost. Yep, he rocks. šŸ™‚

Do you remember what the herb bed looked like a few weeks ago? No, that’s okay,Ā just click back to this post and you’ll see. In the third photo it shows most of the tulips still present. In photos 8 and 9 you can see the new growth on the lavender and the bunches of dill volunteers I discovered.

Today I spent most of my garden time in the herb bed. While weeding IĀ discovered cilantro volunteers! I was really excited that I recognized the leaves even with the seedlings being so small. I managed to transplant 7 of them – wahoo! I also dug up and split my oregano plant that has gotten too big (we’ll see if I split the plant okay and if it survives); cut back the sage that has become a full-grown bush at this point and trimmed the flowers that are ready to blossom already; planted the basil seedlings from Rolling Acres Farm that I picked up at the Rockland Farmer’s Market this week; dug up 2 red oriental lilies that I planted 5 years ago thinking this bed would be a flower bed and moved them to the other side of the bed where hopefully they’ll do better getting more sun.

Remember those dill volunteers I mentioned earlier? I potted a whole lot of dill today I tell you. I transplanted around 15 of the dill seedlings for myself.Ā Fifteen to twenty are going to my friend Annie and all of the seedlings in the pots below are up for grabs if anyone wants to come get some. Seriously.

With all of that done I still have a ton left to do and can’t wait to get back out there later today!

Here are photos from yesterday’s garden time.

Dill Seedlings
So many more dill seedlings than I’ll ever use.
Basil Seedlings & Lavender plants
Basil seedlings are planted, new growth on the lavender plants, only a few tulips still standing, and bachelor buttons in a pot where the lemon balm used to be.
Cilantro Volunteer
One of the cilantro volunteers – so excited I found these!
The clematis has done well to take over my front step railing. I can’t wait until those purple flowers blossom!
Strawberry Plants
I can hardly believe my strawberry plants are blossoming & producing fruit! I love how this shot shows the different stages of the plant from blossom to the start of the berry.