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Sunday Smiles – Baby Chicks

I hope today’s Sunday Smiles post make you smile as much as it does me. For several years now my boss has been raising chickens for both eggs (the hens) and meat (the roosters). This year when she ordered her chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery I asked if I could buy one too and keep it at her house with her hens. I already take care (water, feed, visit, collect eggs) of all the hens when they are out sailing anyway but this way I could have a steady supply of eggs – 1 a day during the peak laying time.

The chicks arrived two weeks ago now and are as cute as can be. Small little balls of fluff and lots of peep peep peeps. A and I have decided the name of our chick will be Sciuto  after Abby on NCIS. 🙂 We don’t know which one she is yet because we don’t know which ones are girls and which are boys yet – that won’t come for a while.


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  1. awww they sure are cute little fuzzballs – enjoy!

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