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Playing in Dirt

I spent most of yesterday out in the garden. I’ve been wanting to get out and play in the dirt since we had that first warm spell a few weeks ago but knew that the nice weather wouldn’t last and if I got the beds ready to go I’d want to plant things. I’m glad I waited as the temps are back down to freezing at night and even though the days have warmed to a typical 50 degrees between the wind and rain its felt much colder.

Right now I have 2 raised beds and the plan is to add 2 more this year. This should give me enough room for all the veggies my family will need this summer. There is an in the ground bed of strawberries and a space next to it that I haven’t decided what to do with – let the strawberries take over or plant something else – like more flowers. 🙂 Then there is a strip in front of the porch which is currently my only flower bed and next to that is the herb garden.

2 raised beds cleared out
The two raised beds already in place are cleaned out and ready for new compost/top soil and then planting.

When I started to clear out the first bed I saw a lot of weeds – or so I thought. Most of what was growing was actually bachelor button volunteers. It’s sort of funny because 4 years ago when the beds went in I had bachelor buttons planted. I didn’t plant them the second year, no big deal. Then last year I had 2 volunteers show up, one pink and one blue/purple. This year I must have moved 50, kept 20 and dug up and composted at least another 50. Crazy! The other surprise I found in the first bed was 6 baby onions. My onions didn’t do well last year so I was surprised to find these still in the soil.

transplanted onions and bachelor button volunteers
I replanted the onion sets and Bachelor Button volunteers back in the raised bed until I find a home for them.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been wanting to do some sort of edging along the herb and flower beds to keep grass from crawling into the beds and the mint from doing the same. Mint has such bad manners – runs everywhere. So today I edged the herb and flower garden on the lawn side and lined both with bricks. It looks so neat and snazzy now! It’s a little uneven so on another day I’ll make the bed a little bigger (oh darn) so the bricks will be even.

Bricks for edging
I used bricks on the lawn side of the herb and flower beds to keep things tidy. I still need to do the front of the herb bed (currently the home of tulips).

So 5 hours and 3 ten gallon buckets later I have 3 of the 5 garden spaces ready to go for the season. I just love playing in the dirt. 🙂 Here are some other photos from around the yard. Some things I expected to find and some were a pleasant surprise.

Peony plants
Peony plants are looking good this year. Last year only one stem came up. It currently lives under the apple tree but I really need to find a new home for it.
Apple tree gets ready to blossom
The Red Delicious Apple tree with buds are almost ready to blossom.
Deep red tulip
A deep red tulip from A's garden
strawberry blossom
I can't believe it's the end of April and my strawberries already have blossoms! They typically blossom in late May!
New growth on the lavender plants
New growth on the lavender plants.
new dill
Not a good photo but just a section of the dill volunteers I found in the herb bed!