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Floral Friday – Red, Yellow, and Red/Yellow Tulips

This week’s Floral Friday is brought to you by the colors Red and Yellow. Yes, I’m channeling my inner Sesame Street. 🙂

In the fall I planted a whole lotta bulbs that were to bloom this spring. From what I can see I’m only going to be at around 50% of what was planted which is disappointing. On the other hand one of the things I love most about planting bulbs is that I often forget what it is I’ve planted until it blooms. I’m finding that very thing has happened this year. I remembered I planted around 36 pink bulbs in support of breast cancer and another couple of dozen other bulbs but couldn’t remember what they were. What I thought were daffodils turned out to be paperwhites and what I thought were pink tulips I’ve discovered yellow, red and these gorgeous yellow/red tulips. Of course that makes perfect sense now as the colors of the flower bed are yellow and red.

Red Tulips - Rocky Coast Photography

Yellow Tulip - Rocky Coast Photography

Red Yellow Double Tulip - Rocky Coast Photography

I’m thinking of offering this last photo as a print and in note card form. What do you think?


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