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Knitting Attracts All Kinds of Wonderful

I’ve always known that knitting brings all kinds of wonderful. When I was little it was a sweater, hats, mittens and the best Cabbage Patch and Barbie clothes knit by my grandmother and her friends that none of classmates/friends had. Now that I’m older its the projects I make myself or friends make for me like cozy socks on my feet, a cowl around my neck, and still the fabulous hats and mittens.

When my family and I went on a Maine Knitting Cruise last year it was more of the same wonderful this time with several faces I didn’t know. I was bummed (and happy) to know that this year the June and September knitting cruises are already full and only space on the July remains open. I’m bummed because it means I won’t get to sail on another knitting cruise this year (I expect the July trip will fill soon) but happy that there are so many knitters out there who will get to experience this incredible trip.

Last week I got a call out of the blue from a writer for the Huffington Post. She was doing a story on knitting trips and wanted to include information on the J&E Riggin‘s knitting cruises. As we were talking she asked my name so she could quote me. When I told her she stumbled over her words a little finally asking “Do you have a blog? You do don’t you?” Turns out in her research she had found the post I did last year on the knitting trip and loved the photos I had shared. She asked if I had more and would  I allow her to use them for the article. But you can’t guess what my answer was?! 🙂 Needless to say, I sent her a link to my Flickr page where I had 7 pages of photos from the knitting trip. She choose 12 of them.

Today the article (Setting Sail on a Schooner For a Knitting Vacation by Susan Fogwell) ran and included was a slide show of 13 of my photos. I sent her an extra one of the schooner under sail so folks who have never been on a windjammer could get an idea of what kind of boat they’d be on should they choose to book a trip.

This is the second publication in short time that has run a story on the knitting trips. The first was in a state paper in late February (that one used one of my photos too!) and then of course the one today. See, I told you, knitting attracts all kinds of wonderful.