It’s ALL Good!

I know this week I have been lacking in the posting department but it’s for ALL good reasons.

As you know I love making photographs. It doesn’t matter if it’s of people, food, flowers, boats or lighthouses – I love being behind the camera and with just a click saving a moment in time forever.

I’ve also been doing some web work with skills that have been picked up from various classes and self-teaching for my day job.  I don’t normally toot my own horn but I’ve gotten pretty darn good at search engine optimization, creating/designing newsletters, building blogs and other small projects like that. So much so that various small businesses have hired me to help them with these projects – something I’ve discovered I love doing.

Baking Day (c) Rocky Coast Photography - Elizabeth Poisson

These two subjects I’ve been doing as hobby since 2006. Over the last few of years this hobby has taken up more of my non ’40 hour a week job’ time and I find myself in a position where paying taxes is in order. Okay so maybe the “it’s ALL good” statement isn’t entirely true. 🙂  However officially registering my business as a sole proprietorship with the city and state is a great thing and a great feeling. I’ve always thought I wanted to have my own business and then thought its just not in my cards. How wonderful to know that I made it happen.

With all of this said, here is why you haven’t seen any postings from me this week. I’m building a website for my new and officially registered business. It’s not done yet so I won’t share the web address with you today but I have set up a Facebook page for the photography part should you find yourself there and wanting to “like”  the page – I would be ever so grateful. Don’t worry about this blog going anywhere because it’s not. I will keep Rocky Coast Ramblings just as it is now. A place for my ramblings of all things photography, knitting, television, and gardening related. You may also see bits here and there about projects I’m working on too.

With that said, started Sunday the television listings will be back, the Wordless Wednesday puzzles will continue as will Floral Friday, and the occasional Tasty Tuesday posts. Thank you all for the time you spend here with me. I look forward to more conversation and sharing in the months to come.

Oh and P.S. you may have noticed the change in background image on the blog. I want the look and feel of my website and blog to be the same so there will be a few superficial changes coming to the blog, the background being the first. The next will be a new header image with my official logo being designed by a good friend. 🙂 You won’t see those changes until the website is ready for launch though. 🙂


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