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Wordless Wednesday Puzzle

I’ve been thinking about getting back to a Wordless Wednesday post as a way to share more photographs other than Floral Fridays but I didn’t want to do the same ole boring thing that everyone does. When I was doing a friends photo puzzle from her blog, she has one every Sunday with a different photo, I thought that might be the solution. I asked Bridgett if she minded if I stole the idea for a puzzle post and she gave her blessing. As a thank you might you go visit her website/blog, Rambling Designs. If you’re in need of a great homemade gift, love crafting, or would like to order a custom-made hand knitted or crocheted item from hats and mittens to socks, dish towels, scarfs and shawls she is your gal! Not to mention I adore her. (*smooch*)

So starting this week I am going with an easy puzzle of Zinnias that I grew in my garden last year. I would have posted it on Friday but I just planted seeds that I saved from these and it made me smile.

Click to Mix and Solve

Next week I’ll just have the puzzle on the post – after all it is a Wordless Wednesday post. 🙂


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