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Garden Seeds Are Planted

Seeds TraysI have my garden seeds for this year started. I had intended on doing them during February break but I never got to it. When I went to order my seeds I had a garden plan in my head, knowing I wanted more flowers this year meant I needed more space. I have been heavily dropping hints to dear, helpful husband for 2 more raised garden beds, dirt, and compost for my birthday next week. It may seem like an odd birthday request but I love playing in the dirt and enjoying the bounty of what I can get from it. With all the veggies I grow now and what I plan on adding I think I can skip a CSA share this year and it could all come from my garden.

The biggest part of the CSA that I’ll miss this is the Mushroom share. This just means that I’ll have to go to the Camden Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s to get mushrooms from Oyster River.

The other good point about adding 2 additional beds and not doing the CSA is I’ll actually save money. I have absolutely loved being a part of a CSA and if you don’t have space for a garden but love the idea of getting fresh veggies every week you should sign up for a CSA near you.


For the last several years I’ve started my own seeds. Some years I end up with a lot more seedlings than I need and other years I have no luck at all. Over this period of time I’ve learned that some seeds are better bought as seedlings as they are hardier and bigger going into the garden than starting from seed, some seedlings do NOT like being transferred but are better direct sewn, and that some seeds so well in the starter trays that they get too big before it’s time to go in the ground. Knowing this I have narrowed down what I’ll start from seed, what I’ll direct sow, and what I’ll wait and buy as a seedling in mid-May.

This year I am using seeds from Renee’s Garden, Comstock Ferre & Co, Baker Creek Heirloom, Botanical Interests, Johnny’s Selected Seeds and seeds I saved from last year’s plants.

Seeds Packets

So, would you like to know what I planted? I thought so. 🙂


  • Pink and Mixed Pink Zinnias (saved seeds)
  • Cool Crayon Color Cutting Zinnias
  • Purple Batchelor Buttons (saved seeds)
  • Aureus Yellow Lupine
  • Johnny Jump-Ups
  • Valentine Bouquet Sunflowers
  • Chocolate Cheery Ornamental Sunflowers
  • Pomponette Blend English Daisy
  • Robinson’s Blend Painted Daisy
  • Choice Blend Strawflower
  • Fairy Bouquet Linaria


  • Garlic Chives (saved seeds)
  • Dill (saved seeds)
  • Italian Parsley (saved seeds)
  • Italian Basil Pesto
  • Endeavor Pickling Cucumber
  • Boothbay Blonde Cucumber
  • Goji Faranji Tomato (seeds saved – my first time doing tomato seeds – we’ll see if they work!)
  • Red Currant Tomato
  • Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Baby Leaf Lettuce – Heirloom Cutting Mix
  • Copenhagen Market Cabbage

The carrots, radishes, peas, beans, garlic, onions and corn I’ll direct sow into the ground. Brussels sprouts, leeks and broccoli I’ll buy as seedlings and if the tomato seeds and basil doesn’t germinate I’ll do those as seedlings too.

I can’t wait for things to start sprouting! Don’t worry I’ll post an update as soon as something pops up!


2 thoughts on “Garden Seeds Are Planted

  1. You and I are a lot alike! I live gardening especially all of my veggies. I can’t wait to get G out there with me this summer to sew some seeds. Can’t wait to see the progress. I kept all my seeds from last year in the refrigerator in ball jars. (in their packets) I read his somewhere and I think it works. I always over plant too just in case some seeds don’t take. Seed Savers Exchange is where I order all my seeds from. They are a co-op and the seeds are fantastic. I suggest requesting a catalog on ther site! 🙂

    1. It’s fun how you are drawn to like-minded people.

      I have ordered from Seed Savers before actually. I decided to try Comstock and Baker Creek this year.

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