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The Sock Fairy

I’ve decided to become a sock fairy – fun idea right?! I know a little 4-year-old who recently got her first pair of hand knit socks and loves them. So when I was looking for a project to start last weekend I decided that I’d make a pair for her with the leftover yarn from socks (Malibrigio) I made for myself. As I was thinking about whether or not to wrap them to give I decided that getting hand knit socks from a sock fairy would be so much more fun. She doesn’t know they are coming yet but her mom reads this blog so she’ll know where they came from. The photo below has the socks they sock fairy made on top of the ones I knit for me – they are so little 🙂

Socks Fairy socks

Then I bumped into a school-mate at the grocery store who has a little girl too. I mentioned that she needed a sock fairy. Turns out her mom knits every except socks. So when I get her little feet measurements I’m going to make her a pair of socks too. 🙂

In other knitting news, I finished this hat for Ra. 🙂 I wish I hadn’t done the Quaker rib in the middle but I do like the contrasting colors of O-Wool that she picked out.

knit hat


6 thoughts on “The Sock Fairy

  1. The mama of the 4 year old to receive a new pair of socks from the sock fairy says THANK YOU! She ALWAYS chooses her knit socks out of her basket when they are clean. She will be psyched to have another pair so that she can always be in one pair or the other! Too sweet!

    1. YAY! I have to figure out a way to deliver them so she doesn’t know they are coming from me. I was thinking of dropping off a little gift bag with a note from the “sock fairy” and then when she needs/wants another pair she leaves the bag outside (and mom lets me know) so I can make another pair. 🙂 What do you think?

    1. You have a little one – does she need a sock fairy? Yes, feeling better – actually got in 2 full days in the office last week! Over did it yesterday and am icing and missing out on bowling today but overall sooooo much better! You’re sweet for asking. 🙂

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