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Rock ‘n Roll Snowman

This is a little bit late coming as this snowman was made over Christmas break. On the other hand it’s still winter so…..

This was a year that we had both my bonus kids with us over Christmas break. One of the few days we actually had snow Ri and A went outside to make a snowman while Mark shoveled. When they were close to done they asked if I had anything they could use for the face. I headed to the fridge knowing I had a carrot. I also found some button mushrooms and dilly beans. Ri wanted to use Mark’s old beat up drum sticks as arms and the idea for a rock n’ roll snowman was born. Mark is a drummer and has been watching a lot of drumming videos online. One of his favorite drummers to watch/learn from is Rich Redmond – the drummer for Jason Aldean. Rich is often sporting a mohawk – a bag of rosemary would sprigs would be perfect for a rock n’roll snowman’s mohawk. Here’s what they created!

Rock N Roll Snowman
My rockin' and rollin' kids
Rock N Roll Snowman
I love the rosemary mohawk and the ears!

I’m glad I got these photos when I did because the  next day it warmed up and by noon the smile had turned to a frown as he melted away and by dinner he had no head! That’s the great things about snowmen – you build and enjoy them and then with the next snowfall you get to do it all over again.


2 thoughts on “Rock ‘n Roll Snowman

  1. Love the kids’ happy, healthy looking faces and smiles and LOVE the snowman! How creative! ! !
    Miss having kids as an excuse to do such things 🙂 – Not that we’ve had that many chances this year – by next year I will do it anyway, kids or no! !

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