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February Photo Project

Twice now I’ve started a Project 365 where you take a photo everyday for a whole year and both times I’ve failed to make it. I love the idea of doing this so that  I am consistently making photographs and developing my skill. When I read about February Photo A Day I thought why not give a month a try?! I can do this for 29 days. I actually saw this on Facebook via my pal Allison who is also doing the project. She has posted the  jpg below with a topic for every day of the month. Even better – I don’t have to think about the what just the how. Now we’re talking.

February Photo A Day Challenge

With today being the first day of February …..away we go!

February 1 – your view today

February Photo A Day Challenge - Day 1

I know this isn’t very exciting but my view for most of the day has been on my back looking up at the ceiling. I have finally figured out how to get online while laying down though. 🙂


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