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WIP Wednesday

So yesterday was Work in Progress Wednesday and I missed it again! I had fully intended on posting last night but I got watching Nanny McPhee with my daughter and couldn’t bring myself to do anything else but watch. Of course the voice of a 10 yr old saying I wish you wouldn’t knit while we watch so I can snuggle with you would do it too. 🙂 I don’t know how I hadn’t seen this movie before but I loved it.

Anyway back to WIP Wednesday. I didn’t post an update last week because believe it or not I hadn’t cast anything on! Can you imagine not having a project on needles! The good news is I think I may have created my own hat pattern. I’m giving it ago anyway. I did, however, cast on this past Sunday during the NFL play off games (see the red cowl below).

During my vacation week I had intended on knitting all week long.  I started and completed a hat for my bonus son – a quick knit with such chunky yarn. I also cast on and ripped out the start of a cowl several times, the final time this past weekend (above mentioned red cowl.)

Here are the photos for your viewing pleasure 🙂 Knit hat

WIP Red Cowl


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