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A Holiday Break

So you may, or may not, have noticed the lack of posts this week. Every other year we have my bonus kids for their Christmas break and this year is one of them. As a surprise I took the whole week off as did my husband. I think 4 years ago was the last time we had vacation time at the same time. So as part of my week off I agreed to not do any work related anything – that meant checking work email remotely and very limited computer time. Heck I haven’t even answered my cell phone all week (its been on vibrate and not in the same room with me for most of it).

Tonight is a little reprieve where I can hop online for a little while. DH and DbD are at a hockey game and DD and DbS are home with me. DD  is on the computer with her new Sims game and DbS is on the Wii with his new Wolverine game. So here I am watching a few shows and knitting (well after I write this post anyway).

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it). I’ll be back on Sunday night to pick up where we left off and will fill you in on some of the fun of this week.

Until then….do good, live good, and share good.


One thought on “A Holiday Break

  1. I noticed.
    and i’m glad you had such a nice holiday with your family.
    Happy New Year’s! anne

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