New Blog Schedule

I’ve been trying to come up with a schedule for blog posts – not all television related 🙂 With the help of a friend I’ve now got a fun schedule to share throughout the week. Here’s what it looks like.

I’ve already been doing a Sunday Smiles post the last couple of weeks so that won’t change. You’ll continue to have a fun video, cartoon, joke or something to make you smile every Sunday.

I had also been doing a weekly round-up of entertainment tidbits which will now be combined with a Scene it Saturday post. This post will also have a recap/my thoughts on shows I watched that week. I  miss writing about what I watch as I did on Willow Watches (a blog I used to write but combined with this one).

Earlier in the life of this blog I did a Tasty Tuesday and Floral Friday. TT posts listed recipes I’d found online in several of the 30+ food blogs I read – I’m going to start doing that again. I just love a good recipe and there are so many tasty ones out there to share. The FF posts shared one of my photos featuring flowers of course.

This will leave Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for ramblings, photos, and knitting project updates. I will continue with my daily tv watching schedule and recommendations as long as you all still want to read it.

Is there anything else you’d like to see on here?


2 thoughts on “New Blog Schedule

  1. Sounds exciting!
    Anything else???? You are covering just about everything, girl 🙂
    Got any spare time at all????
    Did you know it is snowing on this page lol – so funny because
    it is certainly not snowing out here in December land by the sea 🙂

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