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A Maine Fall Snapshot

Is anyone else feeling like there has been a lack of photography on here lately? I sure have. Since I’m the publisher that means its up to me to do something about it….so I am. 🙂

I made these photos a couple of years ago on a fall foliage drive we took to Moxie Falls (Maine). They aren’t from the falls, though I could share those if you’d like, but somewhere along the drive where I yelled out “STOP” and scared the bejezus out of my husband (he thought there was something in the road – whoops). 🙂 Hey – ya gotta take advantage of a photo-op when you see one, right?!

Fall in Maine 1  - (c) Rocky Coast Photography

Fall in Maine 2  - (c) Rocky Coast Photography

Fall in Maine 3  - (c) Rocky Coast Photography


5 thoughts on “A Maine Fall Snapshot

  1. Wow – amazing colors! Love those photos!
    We had very little if any of that around here this year!
    Funny little vignette of you yelling stop for a photo op! 🙂
    The MPBN show is a Folk show – from the 60s, and some 50s.
    Won’t be up for all of it. Tired now.
    NCIS was a new one for me 🙂

    1. I was hoping to get some shots like that this year but as you know we had very little bright color. These remain my favorite fall photos that I’ve made. 🙂

      We have a car rule where I’m not allowed to yell out anymore 🙂

      Hope you liked your MPBN program last night.

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