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Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Clip with Scrat

I love a good Christmas special as much as the next person and I’m a sucker for the animated movies that my daughter is growing up with. Coming out in March is a fourth sequel to the 2002 hit movie Ice Age called Ice Age – Sub-Zero Heros. But before that even is a Christmas special that is set to air tomorrow on Thanksgiving. I’ve already got my DVR scheduled to record it in case we get busy and don’t sit down in time.

Mammoth Christmas

One of my favorite parts of the these movies are the bits that have Scrat who is always trying to get ahold of the ever elusive last acorn. Here is a clip with Scrat from tomorrows Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas  on at 8pm on FOX.

Scrat Mammoth Christmas


One thought on “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Clip with Scrat

  1. Thanks for sharing this – not having regular contact with a young
    child I am out of the loop on these Mammoth and Scrat cartoons.
    Perhaps I will watch one 🙂

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