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News from the Maine Coast

This week was one of those weeks where is was a big ‘news’ week but not a big news week. The big story of the week revolved mostly around a Maine minister. I prefer the upbeat, uplifting and fun news stories so I am not posting any of the articles related to Rev. Carlson. With that said there are some really fun news bits this week to share. I love community involvement, love happy stories/endings, and I love history. Articles this week have me covered.

Maine Island-Based Chocolatier Named Top Ten in Nation (Working Waterfront) – Three from this exclusive culinary list are from New York “islands”: Mr. Hakan Martensson and Ms. Kee Ling Tong of Manhattan, and Ms. Lauren Gockley of Queens. Ms. Shaffer is from the significantly smaller unbridged Maine island of Isle au Haut. (I know I posted about Kate a few weeks ago but another article has come out and well I just love Black Dinah and Kate!)

Maine Lobster Festival donates $20K to Oceanside High School (Village Soup) – The Maine Lobster Festival donated a total of $21300 to Oceanside High School in Rockland recently. A $20000 donation will pay for a new stage curtain in the auditorium, improvements to the teacher’s room, and for uniforms for the high 

Lewiston CoupleMaine couple, 88 and 87, get married, kiss 3 times (Associated Press) — A Maine couple have proved that true love knows no age limits. Eighty-eight-year-old Paul Walker married his longtime sweetheart, 87-year-old Ann Thayer, in a rehabilitation center in front of a small group of family and friends 

Penobscot Marine goes Virtual (Village Soup) – Penobscot Marine Museum has opened a virtual museum — an online visual database to make its collections available to anyone, anywhere. Access to the database is free and no registration is required. Only a web browser is needed to view information and photographs of New England and elsewhere, many more than 100 years old. The database may be accessed via (I wanted to post a photo that I found on the site but they have licensing rules that I did not want to break so I’m including the link to the photo. It’s of the Narragansett Hotel in Rockland. This building sits at the corner of Park and Union Streets and was recently renovated to office space on the bottom floor and condos on the top. It’s so cool to see the streets looked in comparison to how they look now! I could soooo spend hours on this site looking at the over 29,000 photos/45,000 records they have on the virtual museum!)


2 thoughts on “News from the Maine Coast

  1. Thank you for upbeat news page. Will spend more time reading
    these articles happily.
    The big news stories recently had me
    really reacting, and was assisted in coming to an insight – anger
    does nothing to help the situation – get out there and be one of
    those people who are part of the solution – this coming from a
    person who did not know I’d already spent many years as one of
    those people. 🙂 That being said the stories still cause pain, anger, etc.
    that need to be managed to regain my equilibrium.

    Sooooo I LOVE the upbeat news – thank you!

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