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Sunday Smiles

After posting the fun pig video last Sunday I thought posting a fun video every Sunday would be a fun idea. I mean who doesn’t love a good smile or laugh. Even the newspapers send their funnies out on Sundays! So without further ado….

This one came via a Facebook share. The description below the video on YouTube and on the Disney Parks Blog says:

As part of our focus on excellence in animal care, our animal experts provide Disney’s Animal Kingdom wildlife with a variety of enrichment items. These special treats, such as foods, toys or fragrance, prompt animals to explore, make choices and maintain a level of activity in their habitat similar to their natural behavior in the wild. In celebration of Halloween, several animal species were treated to pumpkins as enrichment. Click on the video, and watch the fun!

My favorite part is the tigers at the end. It’s fun to see such HUGE cats behaving the same way my normal size ones do! 🙂