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Just Sharing

Every now and again something happens and it makes you smile or think or cry or something. It’s a moment in time that you stop for just a second and know that you want to share that moment with someone. It’s not always important  but it makes you smile. Yes I know I said that already but lately I’ve been trying to appreciate those moments that make me pause and smile and thought I’d share a few that have happened recently.

– One morning I walked into work to the sound of one of my bosses playing on his electric guitar.  So cool to check the morning email to the sounds of Santana! Yep, I’ve got a pretty cool boss.

– I was home for lunch and made myself an Apple, Walnut & Goat cheese salad. While making it DD was hovering hoping for a dropped walnut. Then she saw the goat cheese “Oh I love goat cheese too” she says. I sat to eat my salad, DD still hovering, so I asked if she’d like to try a bite of course knowing the answer was yes. So I carefully arranged a bite with a little lettuce, apple, walnut and goat cheese so she could get the whole flavor thing. “Mmmmm” I hear, followed by “Yes, I like the creaminess of the goat cheese with the crunch of the walnut.” Totally had to hold back from laughing. I think I’ve got a future foodie on my hands.

– The other day I arrived at work to a note pointing to another note pointing to a hot pink sticky note that said “”To E (coolist bisness person ever!), E – the stickers in your sticker mashen are all used up. We can go to staples and I will buy more for you ’cause I used it all up! And you know how we both love staples! Love, (her name)” I sooooo love that my boss’s daughter has the same affinity for office supplies as I do.

– Coming back to work from lunch I could see our mailman just finishing up on our street. As I got out of the car I hear him pull in behind me. He gets out to ask if I had any mail for him to take today. How sweet, knowing that I typically have outgoing mail daily, that turned around to come and check since I wasn’t back in time. I thought it was really cool of him.

– I was dropping DD off at the local recreation center after school to play some basketball. As I pulled up we could both see a few older kids standing in the walk way and I could see the look of almost panic in DD’s face. She knows that when I’m dropping her off someplace before she gets out of the car she’s going to get a ‘I love you’ and a kiss and/or hug. This time as she got ready to open her door she looked at me and I said “We’ll skip the kiss so you don’t have to be embarrassed.” What a look of relief but she coolly said “Yeah, okay thanks.” I said, as she got ready to shut the door, “See I can be cool” I laughed. She did not. lol 🙂 I may have blown the “cool” factor with that last comment! 🙂

Hope the sharing made you smile – at least a little. 🙂


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