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Colors of a Maine Fall – part 2

I’ll always remember what time of year the Bittersweet is in bloom because it happens at the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing on October 31st. Last week I’d been thinking about both. I remember going for a long drive after her passing and cutting stems and stems of the bright orange and yellow berries to use as decoration for the funeral reception. Every year I go to the same spot and pick a few branches to bring to the cemetery for her. She loved Bittersweet. Whenever I think of flowers or growing anything I think of my grandmother as she taught me how to garden. One of my favorite childhood photos is a tattered black and white image of me just after we moved to Maine and she is holding my hand in their front yard next to the flower bed. Every time I drive by that house I see the flowers that she and I planted together blooming year after year. I smile.

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