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The Last of The Garden Veggies

There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow though I’m hoping that because I’m here on the coast it will just be rain. But given that there is a chance I didn’t want to lose the last of my garden veggies. I had a few rows of spinach left to pick and 3 stalks of Brussels Sprouts so before it got dark A and I went out to harvest. Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with a grocery bag full of spinach and 5 quarts of Brussels Sprouts. Actually I’ll end up freezing most of the sprouts to enjoy over the winter roasted with olive oil, salt/pepper and caramelized red onions – my favorite way to have them!

Oh and I got my new lights today (to help with my food photography – yay for no more yellow food photos!) and just had to try one of them out so I made this photo below of my freshly picked Brussels sprouts. 🙂 I  love new toys to play with! 🙂

Brussels Sprouts


6 thoughts on “The Last of The Garden Veggies

  1. A spinach quiche made and frozen for later, a tasty soup–I have a super easy recipe that you could substitute the escarole with spinach…and a yummy spinach salad for lunch. There, abundant harvest of spinach eaten!

    1. A quiche is a great idea – adding more eggs to the shopping list right now! I’d love the recipe you have. I found one this morning for a Chard, Bacon, and Gouda Quiche but I’m a quiche lover! 🙂

    1. We ended up with just rain overnight but the forecast has shifted to possible snow as the sun goes down tonight. At least I know I’ve got my veggies in. I think I’ll pick the last of the fennel and tarragon along with some sage, parsley, and oregano when I get home tonight. *sigh* It’s been a pretty good season overall. 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of your brussells sprouts! They’re absurdly expensive here right now so I’m gonna have to wait a bit for mine.

    1. If I didn’t love them so much I’d share with you 🙂 Actually I had so many asks last year that I planted an extra plant this year. Unfortunately they didn’t produce as well this year. I do have a quart size bag set aside for my mom and a friend who I garden with. I hope the price goes down for you soon. Crazy that the prices are high for them right now as they are totally in season…. at least there they are.

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