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Fall Farmer’s Market Flowers

At the Rockland Farmer’s Market there’s a display that catches my attention every week. It’s the flower stand. I know shocker, right?!? I’ve always been a flower child. When looking thru my baby book most of the photos have in picking flowers, in a flower field, in the flower garden or wearing flowers. There’s just something about the endless possibilities of the flowers you can grow in every shape, size and color. Anyway back to the flower stand – Ravenswood Flower Farm in Union Maine always has beautiful arrangements and in late summer stems of gladiolas and sunflowers. Nancy Johnson who owns the flower farm always lets me snap photos of her beautiful flowers. These two photos below are from a few weeks ago. I just love the reds and yellows!

Fall Flowers from Ravenswood Farm Union Maine

Fall Flowers from Ravenswood Farm Union Maine


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