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A Change In Plans – For the Better

You know how you have your whole day planned from the time your alarm goes off til the time you shut the bedroom light out to crash? Yep, me too. That’s what my Monday was like. I had it planned to the “T” give or take the chance that I go home early. Monday was my first day back after being out for 11 days (a surgery followed by a nasty nasty cold). I was hoping I had enough energy and brain power to make it the full day and I did – yay me! It was as I was shutting everything down that a change in the evening plans occurred.

For this to make much sense I need to give you a little bit of background. In September every single plan I made fell thru or didn’t work out. Seriously. Every. Single. Plan. Jump to October -I had hoped I’d be feeling better and well enough to go to the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest – no such luck. Then this past week a twitter friend, Chris aka @VTKnitboy, was going to be here in Maine for a birthday weekend getaway and never having met, he and another twitter friend, Carrie aka @gnomenapper, were all going to meet up in Boothbay Harbor. She had to work and so plans changed to going to Portland Saturday night for dinner after she got out. Then it moved to Sunday. Then we changed it all together and they were going to meet at one time and on Sunday I was going to go to Boothbay. Then A got sick. I had to laugh when that happened. It’s like the universe has been conspiring….what can you do, you know. So by Sunday night it looked like I wasn’t going to meet my friend from Vermont after all. I had a sad face…as did he.

Chris & E
Chris and I meeting IRL (thank you 'J' for taking the pic!)

Now jump forward to Monday as I’m leaving work and my cell rings. It’s Chris! He had gone to Montville to meet another twitter friend and was only 40 minutes from Rockland. Oh yeah – it was happening! It was so lovely to meet Chris in person finally (and his partner, J, too!) after having chatted with each other online for well over a year now I think. Chris is one of my go-to people for knitting questions. He raises bunnies, spins and dyes his own yarn to use and sell, and is a wonderfully creative knitter. I always liked the look of his yarn but since he brought me a skein of his bunny/alpaca yarn as a ‘hello there’ gift I now know I LOVE his yarn! 🙂

Anyway, back to Monday night….We decided to do dinner as they were hungry and, well, it was dinner time. Knowing that Chris is a vegetarian I starting thinking of places we could go that had a good vegetarian menu. Cafe Miranda was the first place that came to mind. Having eaten there before I knew there would be lots on the menu that he’d like.

I love getting to Cafe Miranda early as the space is small and when it fills up, which it always does – highly recommend reservations, it gets loud and its hard to have a conversation with the person next to you. So we sit and the waitress brings our menu – and then the menu shock came over their face. Most folks get that look on their face when they first see the menu – it’s a big one. We decided ongoing with different appetizers to share so we could try a variety of things and then an appetizer on our own. We started with the wood roasted gorgonzola, roasted mushrooms and roasted garlic spread to go with our freshly baked foccacia while we read and read and read over the menu. For our meal we went with the Blu & Portobello Mushrooms (roasted garlic, caramelized onion, herbs, creamed spinach with blue cheese); Brussels Sprouts (roasted with kosher salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, caramelized onion, garlic, and cream); “J” and I had the Fish Cakes ( house maple smoked haddock cakes sautéed, parsley- garlic aioli w/wilted spinach) and Chris had the Grilled Tofu (local Hiewa tofu w/spicy shredded greens in broth w/cilantro/lime. All in all our meal was very good. The Brussels Sprouts and the Portobello mushrooms hit the spot. Different but very good. Neither “J” nor I liked the fish cakes (I barely ate half a one) though I did like the spinach and aioli part of the dish. I actually said something to the waitress when she asked if I wanted a to-go bag. She was very sweet about it and actually comped our desserts (Warm Brownie w/homemade ice cream & Blueberry Crisp w/homemade ice cream) – a very nice gesture. I’m one of those people who will speak up and say something not because I’m looking for a discount or anything but feel like if I don’t say something then how are they going to know – right? Anyway the meal was lovely, the bathroom was entertaining as always (you’ve got to check it out to see what I mean if you’re ever there) and we finished up just as the noise level was reaching a point of  “get me outta here” volume. That left us a few minutes to walk Main Street before the boys has to sit in the car for an hour drive back to Boothbay Harbor.

All in all the change in plans worked out for the better and I got to meet my online now IRL (in real life) friend and that was the best part.