A Happy Discovery

Back in late May my boss Annie got 7 new chicks to add to chickens she has but that are getting to the age of no longer laying eggs regularly. We kept them in the office for the first couple of weeks so they would get used to hearing our voices and being picked up and touched. Can you say huge but fund distraction?! It worked like a charm because even now when I go out to feed, water and collect eggs my ‘babies’ come over to me for a visit and a pet. There is even one who likes to sit on my lap or snuggle between my legs when I’m out there. She’s my favorite but shhh don’t tell the other girls.

They aren’t really my chickens but over the summer and when the family is away I have chicken duty so I feel like I’m part their mama. 🙂 This week they are away again and I’m back on duty. When I went out today to collect eggs, feed and water them all (I think there are 19 of them – but don’t quote me on that number) I gave my “Good morning girls” talk and went to say hi to Calliope (my baby girl from the very first set of chicks they got a few years ago and still my girl) who was waiting to lay her egg for the day. I needed to check under her to see if she was hiding someone else’s eggs and lo and behold there were 3. When I pulled them out I got a wonderful surprise. A very small egg! Do you know what this means?!?! It means my new babies are starting to lay eggs! The first few eggs a chick lays are typically pretty small and after a few days of laying they get to normal size. Little side note – did you know that eggs from newly laying chickens also have a higher chance of having 2 yolks? Fun fact for ya.

It’s a little hard to tell from this photo but the egg in front really is much smaller than the other two standard large brown eggs.

New Egg
Omelet anyone?