Full Circle

MeMy very first blog post was back in 2002, yep that long ago, and since has moved to and from a variety of blogging platforms landing here finally on WordPress. It’s seen numerous revamps and design changes and will undergo another one soon. The one thing that has never changed is that I’m writing about what I want, when I want. My purpose has never been to have a million followers or having people paying to have ads on my blog, though if anyone wants to pay me I’m all for it:). Over time I’ve actually had multiple blogs including Roadside Edibles, Giggles & Glee, Willow Watches and heck even the original name of this blog was Maine Water Bug and started in December 2006 – yeah, no idea how I came up with that one.

At the end of that first post in 2006 I wrote “My intention for this blog is not to write about work, but all that I’m thinking and events going on. You will be reading a lot about my family, my work, and of course my upcoming wedding this July. So stay tuned for more on what’s going on in this small town of Rockland Maine. I’m going to try to post every day…..but the best laid intentions……”

Of course anyone who already reads my blog knows that I talk about work, well because I LOVE my job, and my family, and photography. That’s not going to change. You’d also know that I’ve been married now for 4 years so I won’t’ be talking wedding plans. What I do plan to do is write about the very things that I love. I think my twitter profile actually sums it up best “I’m a sailing, gardening, knitting, reading, photography & TV junkie who loves to laugh and over uses the ! and :-)” And it’s all true.

Going forward I’m going to start posting about all of this – gardening, knitting, books, photography, television, recipes & cooking, movies, funny animal video I find online – all of it. So don’t be surprised to start seeing posts that ramble on about events here in Maine, things going with my family, my thoughts/reviews on television shows, a weekly tv round-up (told ya I’m a TV junkie), recipes I’m trying, my thoughts on articles I read online, photos taken from anywhere and everywhere (I’m really focusing on my food photography this winter), things going on at work – I do spend most of my waking hours there after all, my knitting projects, books I pick up at the library and well anything else that comes to mind.  It’s all part of what I enjoy and after all this is my space right? And no one is being forced to read my blog – heck even my husband doesn’t and he loves me *smile*.

Given all of this I feel like come full circle to writing and posting about what I want and I feel good about that. So for those of you who are here for the photography please bear with the television posts and vice versa 🙂  Hope you’ll stick with me through the journey.


2 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Love your Blog site writings – all of them – so…ramble on and I gladly follow….
    You should know your writings, photos, your personality shining through all make
    me smile and sometimes laugh – love your joy! And I learn a lot of things, too, and
    become informed when otherwise I wouldn’t –

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