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It’s Strawberry Season in Maine!

Two years ago I decided I wanted to add strawberries to my garden. With the perfect spot picked out and the strawberry runners my boss was digging up  20 or so plants came home with me.  Would you like to take a guess as to how many strawberries I got that first year? Zero, a big fat zero. I chalked it up to the stress of being moved and the monsoon season of an early summer we had and looked forward to the next year (2010).

Strawberry Plant

Over the winter some of the plants we lost so in the spring I planted another 20 or so amongst the previous years plants. I was so excited to see a dozens of little white blossoms on the plants and couldn’t wait for the berries to come. Guess how many berries I ended up with….. three. Yep a whopping 3 berries – one which had been enjoyed by the ants and whatever other creepy crawling thing was living in my berry patch.

Needless to say I didn’t expect much this year. You know that saying ” a watched kettle never boils”? In the case of the strawberries – this was must have been it. We’re at the early end of the strawberry season here in Maine and I’ve already harvested dozens of berries and there are so many more on the way!

Maine Strawberries

This past weekend I got thinking about what to do with these luscious juicy sweet red berries.  Strawberry Pie, the kind my grandma used to make, yep that was it. Of course I didn’t have a recipe. To Facebook and Twitter I went to find some help. It never fails that someone out there has a recipe or solution to what ever problem I have. I just love the world-wide web!  Help this time came in the form of Charlie in Florida. Charlie had just the recipe I was looking for – bottom crust only, sliced berries with a strawberry glaze. I wish I had a photo of the pie to share with you but the kids devoured the thing so quickly. They were happier than a seagull with french fries and literally licked the plates clean. Guess I’ll add that to my “make this again” list.

What is your favorite way to use strawberries?


One thought on “It’s Strawberry Season in Maine!

  1. Jam is a must. And then a yummy breakfast treat: Strawberry Bread!

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