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Perigee ‘Super’ Moon from a deck in Maine

Just a quick post today. Last night the Full moon was the closest to earth as it’s been since 1993.  Because the moon’s orbit is not round but elliptical every 18-20 years it’s just a wee bit closer to us – appearing 14% wider and 30% brighter than the average full moon.

I don’t typically make photos at night but thought this was a good opportunity to give it a go and to show my daughter this very cool celestial event. She is 9 years old now so when this happens again she’ll most likely be a mama of her own and be able to share the next Perigee moon with her child.

Since I don’t usually make photos at night I played around with  several settings on my camera. I have to say switching the white balance made the biggest difference and actually captured the moon in the color I was actually seeing (photo with the orange hue). What do you think?

Perigee Moon March 2011

Perigee Moon March 2011


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