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Project 365 – update

It’s been another week of Project 365 that I have successfully completed. Well, successfully if you count that I’ve taken a photo every day.

I have to say the perfectionist in me is not happy with the photos I made this week – mostly because I didn’t put a lot of thought into them. Honestly most of them were taken late in the day when the only lighting available was incandescent and the horrible horrible built-in flash on my camera.

I’ve come to realize that if I don’t take a photo during the day that by the time I’m out of work and really able to think about photography its dark outside which means indoor photographs and then I’m back to the bad lighting thing. I’m thinking I really need to start looking at an external flash or some sort of light box that I can put things in – of course then there is a space issue. I have to say it’s the challenges and thinking about what, where, when and how that makes Project 365 fun for me. I like that I have to get creative and think outside the box sometimes to make photograph I’m happy with. However……if you have any suggestions on the lighting issue or have a recommendation on an external light source I’d love, love, love to hear about it.

To see the recent additions to my P365 gallery or all 17 photos now included you can click the link or click on the Flickr Photos on the left.


Mark's all natural drum sticks (his practice pad is in the background)


Maine windjammers, J&E Riggin, Stephen Taber, Nathaniel Bowditch
Maine schooners after a snow storm - all are safe
A sledding
A sledding down the hill at her grandma's house