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Appleton Creamery Goat Cheese

It’s only been a couple of years since I discovered Goat Cheese, but it’s quickly become my favorite. At the Rockland Farmers Market a few years ago that I saw a sign for Appleton Creamery Cheese and recognized it as a brand that my boss had used. I had to stop to see if they had any of the Lime Pepper Chevre that she had used at this event a week or so before. I was thrilled they had it there along with several other cheese of which I’ve had to try them all over the next year.

My favorite is the Chevre in Olive Oil – either with roasted garlic, peppercorns herbs and a bay leaf or in summer with basil and pine nuts. I love taking a bit of the oil and little chunks of the cheese and putting on a salad – my absolute favorite in the summer! Or course spreading some on a baguette is one of my favorite summer snacks while at work!

My other favorite is the BreBrie made from Sheep milk, which turns out is a 2006 and 2010 American Cheese Society winner!

Chipolte Goat Cheese
Chipolte Goat Cheese spread

Back in December my good friend Wendy and I went to holiday fair at Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery (more on this place on another post!). It was actually at the suggestion of Caitlin of Appleton Creamery that we went. I picked up this Chipotle goat cheese spread along with the Lime/Pepper chevre and a few other tasty treats. When I got home I dug right into the Chipotle spread and needless to say other than the 2 crackers with cheese I gave to my husband…I ate the whole thing in two sittings! Yep, it was that good!

So if you are in Maine and happen to find yourself near any of the following Farmer’s Markets – Bath, Belfast, Camden, Damariscotta, Orono or Rockland in the summer or at the Bath or Orono in the winter be sure to stop and see Caitlin and get some of her cheese! You’ll love it!