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Project 365 – update

Well I’ve made it the first 9 days of the 365 Project! I read somewhere it take 14 days to make a habit…….here’s to hoping that’s true!!

I set up a Flickr account as a place to load all (hopefully) 365 photos as I didn’t want to take up too much space here on the blog with them. I’ve decided that every week when I upload the photos to Flickr I will take my top two or three photos from the week and share them here. That way you have the link to check them out if you want and I get to share them here too.

So without further ado…..

Since winter in Maine is not very colorful and bright I had the idea to buy fresh flowers every week or so until the spring bulbs come up to cheer our office

Day 4

Sometimes a nice cup of tea is just what you need.

Day 6

My boss was trying out a new recipe, one for bear claws, when the phone rang. I can’t resist shots of rolling pins. If you’ve got a rolling pin out that means something good is coming soon!

Day 7

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