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Birthday Celebration

Last night we celebrated Mark’s birthday at his parent’s house in Jay. I can’ t imagine how much it stunk growing up to have a birthday so close to Christmas.

Happy we did not put as many candles on the cake as he was years in age 🙂


Yet there were still a fair amount on there - better take a big breath!

For me the best part of the night was when he opened his gift. I was so excited because I had been helping Marie & Gary with what to get him for a gift. While looking for ideas on his computer (snooping around the favorites list) I found some drum related items that would allow him to bang on a drum practice pad. Mark used to play drums in high school and over the last few years I’ve noticed how much he seems to be drawn back into it again. This was the perfect gift!

I love this moment when he realized that I had a hand in what he was opening. 🙂


Showing off how you use the drum pad

My gift to him this year came earlier in the year – a ticket to see the Lakers & Celtics in game 3 of the NBA championship game with two of his friends 🙂 Happy Birthday honey!