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My First Knit Sock

Yesterday was my 2nd knitiversary and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by finishing my very first sock! For awhile now I’ve been wanting to give knitting socks a go but was nervous that it would be too hard to do. After all the only things I’ve knit to date are flat and really easy ie dish cloths and scarves. Well that’s not entirely true….I have made a half-dozen pair of fingerless gloves but they too were flat and simple to knit.

This summer I really got the bug to give socks ago so digging out the sock yarn I had purchased last winter in anticipation of this project, I got myself ready. Turns out I suck at reading patterns. Every pattern I look at looks like some sort of  trigonometry or  chemistry equation. Enter Annie. Annie is the most awesome person I know  and if you asked anyone else who knows her- I’m betting they would say the same thing. She started out (and remains) my boss, my culinary advisor, my go-to person when I need to bounce thoughts, she was my matron-of-honor and even though I don’t believe in having a best friend – she is mine. Why am I gushing about Annie – well she is also my knitting coach. Knitting lessons were my birthday gift 2 years ago and she continues to teach and guide me. So at the beginning of November we set out on socks.

Jump ahead almost a whole month, several dozen curse words, a couple of froggings, 7 tries at the heal, 4 tries a the cuff, patience from Annie, and great knitting twitter friends (@spindiva, @Vtknitboy, @LottieLoves1, @sandbar17, and several others) helping me through late night crisis’ (is that even a word) I have a sock. Yes, A sock. Not two yet……yet. I was going to wait to make a photo and post of my first pair of socks but was instructed…and I quote “take one now, so we can drool over it :)” So here you go! My very first sock.

First knit sock
Here she is - my very first sock!
First knit sock
I love the way this yarn knit up. It looks like I did this on purpose but I didn't!
First knit sock
Heeeee - look what I did! Yea me!

So now I just have to finish the second sock (I’m at the heal already!) and figure out for the next pair how to get the cuff to not roll down. And while when I bought this yarn I wasn’t completely sold on it, after having it knit up, I love it.

This morning I showed A the sock and she wanted to put it on. It fit her too! And as with the scarf and fingerless gloves she said she wanted them. I told her to take it off and that she had big feet. #GoodParentingFail. We immediately went into my yarn stash which I think as far as stashes go is respectable but by no means out of hand. She called me a yarn squirrel and then said I have too much yarn. Can you believe that?!?!?! We did decide that we needed to go yarn shopping to find some that will work for a pair of socks for her. Most of the yarn I have is not machine washable – and for a 9 year old washable yarn is really the only option. I just love a good excuse to go get yarn!!

And since today is Sunday that means enough computer time because football is on and there’s no better time to knit than Sunday afternoon with the game. Go Patriots!

Note: I think with every knitting project I should share the specs – what do you think?

Project: Socks
Pattern: Basic socks – handed out by Margaret Radcliffe on the Maine Knitting Cruise last year
Yarn: Crofter DK – Fair Isle Effect; Acrylic/Cotton/Wool blend
Colorway: 0055
Needles: size 3



4 thoughts on “My First Knit Sock

  1. Squeeeeeeeeee! I love it!!!! I had some sock yarn in that colour range! I love blue! Nice sock *seemedrool* LOL

  2. Wow! Look at you! I love the sock. I almost wish I could learn to knit…but I can’t read a pattern, I’m left handed, and have no real patience. My mother tried to teach me and pearled when I shoulda knitted, added stitches, dropped stitches, made many mistakes that I got discouraged. But seeing yours, its inspirational! you go girl!

  3. Love! The! Sock! I’ll be hoping you get the hang of it, end up loving to make them, and start selling them, because I want some!!! 🙂

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