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Mashed Potatoes, Salt, and God

I know every parent thinks their kids say the most adorable or funny things…and I’m no different. A is always saying things that I try not to laugh to hard at and most of the time I fail miserably. Take this morning for instance.

Last night we had a hard frost. On the way to school the discussion was ‘was it Jack Frost or the Fairies’ that came to decorate our lawn, car and everything in sight with white frost?

Now I should back up just a little so you understand the context of what came next. Friday of this week is A’s adoption anniversary (technically she has two adoption anniversaries but we celebrate this one when my husband adopted her). Every year we celebrate by letting her choose something special for dinner and a family activity. Before leaving the house this morning I asked her what she might like. Her response? “How about mashed potatoes, we haven’t had them in a while….yep mashed potatoes, can we have mashed potatoes, I’d like to have mashed potatoes!” I recommended we have steak to go with the mashed potatoes. 🙂

Okay, back to the drive to school……So we decide it was a fairy that did the decorating because there was no design on the windows just a sheet of frost. {Insert a few moments of silence and reflection here.} The next thing I hear is:

A: “You know, when I see snow and frost I think of God. (I’m impressed by this so far….)

Me: “Why is that?”

A: “Well I think God must be sprinkling salt and he missed.”

Me: “Huh. How do you know God eats salt? And what did he miss?”

A: “Because everyone eats salt and who in their right mind doesn’t put salt on their mashed potatoes?!?!”

Me: (before laughed erupted) “That’s a very good point honey.”

If you could have seen the dumbfounded look on my face and quizzical, non-understanding look on hers, you very well may have laughed as hard as I did.

I love my little chickapea 🙂


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