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Halloween wrap up

I’ve never understood the point of Halloween. What’s with the costumes and candy?! When A was little we didn’t go trick-or-treating and it wasn’t until she was in kindergarten that she went for the first time – as Tinkerbelle. Of course now it’s a yearly event of costume, makeup, and candy. It’s a holiday I’ve never been a fan of but it is quite enjoyable when you have kids who have so much fun that you can’t but have a little yourself too.

This past Friday A’s school had a costume parade and a Halloween party and while she was running around playing games, visiting the fortune teller and exploring the haunted hallway Mark and I bought some raffle tickets to vote (and hopefully win) one of the class pumpkins. We didn’t win but we loved seeing the different designs the kids came up with. We actually thought A’s class had one of the top 3 pumpkins – and we’re not just saying that because she helped make it – it was one of the top pumpkins to get votes.

On Sunday we tried to talk A out of going out because our beloved New England Patriots were playing the 4pm game. We ended up watching up until there were 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter before we left and recorded the rest of the game. We initiated an internet gag order while we were out so we didn’t know what the score was.

I loved A’s costume this year. At first she was going to go as Abby from NCIS but later changed her mind and went as my boss. I know, how funny is that. So complete with cargo pants, a J&E Riggin t-shirt, half apron and a blonde wig she carried her mixing bowl and whisk around Rockland. No one knew that she was dressed as Chef Annie Mahle but she knew and that was all that mattered. I said to Annie that once people start dressing up like you you’ve got groupies. I however never dress up but with a little begging on A’s part I decided on going as an unfinished sweater – and yes the knitting is attached to the knitting needle and the ball of yarn in my hand. 🙂

All in all it was a good night and we were home by 6:30 and go to watch the rest of the football game (which we won!)

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween evening whether you were out trick-or-treating with your kids and family or were at home enjoying all the little ones coming to your door.