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Pumpkin Carving

Last week A carved her first pumpkin. I know it’s a little strange that a 9 year old hasn’t ever carved one before but between there not being an interest, living in a neighborhood where young adults think its funny to toss them in the driveway and me forgetting, it just hasn’t happened.

Carving a pumpkin

This year A really wanted to make toasted pumpkin seeds so I thought this is the year I DON’T forget. While at the Rockland Farmers’ Market I noticed Beth of Dandelion Spring Farm had some handsome pumpkins just waiting for a good home. When I told A we would carve it on the weekend she was super excited and started coming up with a whole list of what she could carve.

Anna carving a pumpkin 2

We ended up with a basic face but had so much fun digging our hands into the inner muck and sorting through the seeds. That night with dinner we lit a candle and enjoyed its fall glow.