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Nor’easter in Maine

What a doozie of a weather we had on Friday! Rain, wind, wind and rain a typical Nor’easter it was! The forecast said winds up to 55 miles an hour and I’m pretty sure they got there here on the coast. At one point CMP (our power company) had over 20,000 homes & businesses without power. There was quite a bit of flooding as well as the leaves that were being knocked off the trees  were blocking drains causing roads to fill and then close.

Around 10:30 I was working at the Riggin office when I heard, yes heard, the snap of lightning that was so loud I jumped out of my chair and before my butt hit the seat the crack of thunder so loud I thought for sure it had struck in the back yard. It was so loud I hardly heard myself scream and then it rolled on shaking the whole house, the water in my glass and rattled the windows. My arms had goosebumps and my eyes waters and it was awesome! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. After I got done laughing and checking out the back window I thought of all the elementary school kids that are just behind the orchard. A told me later that she heard it but it wasn’t that loud. Pffft…..maybe not there but at the office it sure was.

A little while later M emailed me saying  “Big tree on the Cedar Street/fence side of the driveway uprooted. Section of fence its leaning on is making a valiant effort not to fall over but we’ll see. One of the political signs – cardboard blew off the frame. Frank’s is still standing … for now. Pretty sure you don’t have to worry about shaking the apples off the tree now. If the tomato plants weren’t already tilted – they’re flat now.”  I love that he gave me a mid-day report!  ❤

When I got home I saw exactly what he meant by the tree uprooting. Seeing it in daylight the next morning I realized I’m really going to miss the shade it provides in the summer.

I’m glad it was a fast-moving storm and didn’t cause any more damage than it did. Gotta love Mother Nature and her temper tantrums. 🙂