Random Thoughts

Life happens

The other day I wandered over here, knowing that I haven’t posted in quite sometime. I was quite surprised to discover just how long it had been though. My last entry was on March 19th!  That means it’s been 5 months since I last post!

Inspiration comes and goes, I get the creative bug and it’s with me awhile and then it disappears. Life has been so busy that I’ve been wrapped up in the day –to – day of it and haven’t really thought much of writing, not that it’s a complaint. I love all the surprises life brings me. I love that life moves you in and out of each day; You don’t always know what’s coming next but you’re excited at all the possibilities. I realized last week that I haven’t been making many photos either. So with a sense of renewed energy let’s see where the next 5 months takes me!