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Maine’s Largest Pothole?

Recently there’s been an upswing in Rockland news, in case you haven’t heard, Rockland has a sinkhole. Now that might not be exciting news to those of you who live in a city with more than 8,000 people, but here, we’ve been as curious as cats to know what the deal is. Imagine being the police officer who had to follow up on a phone call from a driver who says their car has been damaged by a pot hole on Old County Road. Now imagine pulling up to a hole that is still crumbling (as of Thursday measured 30 feet wide by 65 feet deep).

Rockland has a long history of limestone quarries and if you drive along Old County Road from one end of Rockland to the other and into Thomaston you’ll see them on both sides of the road. What’s interesting, I think, is that the road was built over these tunnels that run between quarries. Given that they line the length of Old County road – I wonder how many more are just waiting to open up.

It’s taken a few weeks to figure out how to repair the “state’s largest pothole” (perhaps the countries?) as contractors can’t just dump dirt or cement into the hole as the tunnel carries storm water into the quarry.  Just last week it’s been decided large boulders will go in first so the water can flow around and then filled in. So they are now removing any pavement left over the hole making the size grow to 65 feet deep, 25 feet wide and 120 feet long!

Rockland's Sinkhole Photo by Pat Pearce

In the meantime, just to show you the fun we are having with it, there is now a Facebook group called “Survivors of the Rockland Maine Sinkhole” complete with eye witness accounts and photos. It’s fun to live in a small town!

Oh and if you’re looking for photos – WMTW has a slideshow of the sinkhole earlier on. And of course more updated photos if you join the Facebook group.

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One thought on “Maine’s Largest Pothole?

  1. Ozarks honey; there are literally millions of caves under the Ozarks; they collapse. Sink hole big time.

    Conversation goes like this:
    Jeb had a fall in
    Nah just cow
    Get cow
    Been fishin
    Got any

    It isn’t news here.

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