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US Postal Service – a wee rant

I have nothing against the US postal service. I love our mailman – he’s great. Actually there was an article not too long ago about how he saved a woman’s life in our local news paper. Anyway he and I got chatting a couple of weeks ago about if they (the postal service)  just followed through on what they promise they would have to spend millions in television ads trying to get their image up.  

I mean seriously when I pay to ship something priority and it says 2-3 days until arrival and it doesn’t get to its destination for 5 days, why in the world did I pay twice as much to send it Priority when I could have sent it 1st class and had it arrive in the same time frame. Or when I order stamps…it’s supposed to be more convenient. I order them online and then it takes 2 weeks to get them?! Or I give my order to the mailman and they don’t get here for 3 days? They are supposed to come back to me the next day with my mail. And why can’t the mailman provide me with one stamp ONE STAMP, if I have run out – nooooo I have to go to the post office for that. Oh and don’t even get me started on the whole if its over 1 pound and you use stamps instead of a printed label with a bar code, you have to hand it to a postal worker but the mailman DOESN”T count?!?!?! Seriously??

How about just following through on what you promise? If you just practiced good customer service you wouldn’t need to be spending millions of dollars on advertising to boost your image. Instead you could use that money to not raise postage rates or hire a few more workers so it doesn’t take 7 days to get an envelope from one town to the next – yep that has happened to me too.

Wow – I guess I had a lot to say on that matter. {smile} It actually feels kinda good to rant about something every now and then.

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