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Random Moments

There are a few blogs I read that every once in a while they post random thought or moments. I love this idea, and for those of you that know me, you know I’m always saying random things at random times. With the new year I have decided to post every now and again a Random Moment post. Here is what’s going through my head right now.

Mood: Relaxed, hungry, sad/happy ( I know these don’t really go together but I’m happy to have had such a great week with Ra & Ri, but so sad that they leave first thing tomorrow morning and we won’t see them again until March!)
Sounds: 1 cats purr & and the others chattering (there are birds at the feeder)
Smells: Mark’s meatloaf cooking
Temperature: 25 but feels like 15 (or so says the weather channel
Random Thoughts: I should have done this taking a week off thing a long time ago. Should I paint my nails? I wish I had taken more photos of the kids this week but I really enjoy just doing things with them instead. Can my pep talk with Ra help her to not procrastinate as much? How am I going to cheer A up tomorrow when the kids go back. Where do I find plus size snow pants so I can play with A in the snow? Does it hurt stuffed animals when you shove their stuffing back into them  and sew them up- like if they were toys from the Velveteen Rabbit or Toy Story? Why must my head be a human barometer when the pressure falls I get killer headaches. The person that thought up RedBox is a genius!

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