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Savory Links

This is a new feature I’m starting. I subscribe to over 220 blogs, all of which I read when my fellow bloggers post. Over 60 of these are food blogs. Some I read for the recipes, some for the writing, and some I just enjoy their food photographs. I’ve decided that since cooking is such a big part of my life, I’m surrounded by people who cook and are good at it, that I would share some of my favorite picks every week.  If I can’t find any good posts (I can’t possibly imagine that happening) then I will post links to some of my past favorites, I’ve got over a thousand bookmarked!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week, December 5th – 12th. You might notice they are mostly sweets as everyone is baking for the holidays or pear recipes. This is because December is National Pear Month! Wahoo!

~ Smitten Kitchen ‘s Vanilla Roasted Pears and Coffee Toffee

~ Coconut & Lime’s Bittersweet Cranberry Brownies

~ The Kitchn’s Pink Pepper Goat cheese Spread & Olives

~ Epicurious’s Poached Pear Fritters

~ There’s A Newf In My Soup!  – Her take on Giada De Laurentiis’s Apricot & Nut Cookies w/ Amaretto Icing

~ She’s In the Kitchen ‘s Italian Anise cookies

~ Maine Food & Lifestyle’s –Poached Pears w/ Vanilla Caramel Sauce & Toasted Peanuts

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