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Here and there

The other day I shared with you a few places my photos have been posted recently. Most of my food photography appears over on At Home & At Sea. Here are a couple of the latest shared by Chef Anne Mahle.

This photo went with a post about making cranberry syrup. Yum!

French Toast and cranberry syrup

 This next photo went to a post with a recipe for Orange, Chocolate Shortbread. This combination of flavors is one of my all time favorites. The sweet with the tang of citrus = heaven. I let Chef Anne know that when I was done photographing that day there was no way I was leaving without a taste. This shortbread is so, so good!

Orange, Chocolate Shortbread - recipe by Anne Mahle

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One thought on “Here and there

  1. I just ate and now your photography has made me hungry again! Mouthwatering!

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