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Sticky Snow -part 1

Even though the first flakes of the post-summer year flew in September I’m counting last nights 2-3 inches as the the first. When my 8 yr old woke up this morning she came running into our bedroom and quietly said to me “Mamma, it really snowed last night and its still out there. Can I go play outside?” It was wonderful to wake up and look out the windows to see the bright sun, bold blue sky, and the fresh blanket of white. While my husband did all the shoveling, my daughter was anxious to make a snow chair, and I wandered about making photos. What a grea  morning. It’s hard to beleive that 2 days ago it was 60 degrees. Today finally felt like the begining of winter in Maine and oddly enough I’m welcoming it. Below are a few photos from rambling around our yard.
Wet white snow tops a sunflower I left for the birds
snow covered Swiss Chard
Now that it's snowed maybe it's time to harvest the remaining swiss chard - though I hate to do it.
There are still a few apples hanging onto the tree in our yard - they make great applesauce!
snow covered tree
The apple tree in our yard. Did I mention what a beautiful shade of blue this sky was this morning?!