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Fall maple treeThis year has been crazy weather wise. As my favorite cheese maker Caitlin over at Appleton Creamery said on Facebook today, “We’re in our 10th month of mud”. This spring lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r! We had a record amount of rain that didn’t stop until after July 4th. While we were all soggy and complaining, the overcast days sure did make for some great lighting in making photographs. All that spring rain also made for really vibrant fall colors. Fall is my favorite season – hands down, no questions asked. I didn’t get out to make many photographs this fall unfortunately. Lucky for me fall has lasted into December this year. We had our first snow the last week of September but then it got warm again – even setting a record high in some places throughout the state of Maine.

One of the great things about this warm weather this late in the season is I still have things growing in my garden. The swiss chard has not stopped producing, spinach is going strong, the strawberries I transplanted are getting more time to settle and root before winter and my herbs – I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing like stepping out your front door and being able to pick sage, parsley, mint, thyme, lemon balm, lemon thyme, oregano. Even the Calendula is still flowering. There has been one casualty – my beautiful rosemary. At the first sign of a hard frost I dug it up and brought it inside for the winter – it didn’t make it. I have a pretty green thumb but rosemary is one of those plants that I just can’t seem to keep alive through the winter.