One of my favorite vegetables – whether it’s sauteed with a little butter, in an omelet, or quiche. I love it. A few weeks ago Annie Mahle who writes for the Portland Press Herald’s Maine Ingredient column, had a recipe run for Pork, Potato, and Parsnip Hash with Poached Eggs & Asparagus. Yummy! 


Notice in this second photo how the asparagus has a purple tip to it and the bunch behind does not. The ones that were grown in a controlled environment does not have the purple – neat huh!



One thought on “asparagus

  1. Love your blog! Enjoyed this one especially. Thanks for sharing. A friend recommended it to me on this cold morning. It encourages me to start a garden again next year!
    I am very busy with my work and writing, that finding time for a garden is hard for me to do. (The photos are great, as well.)

    Take care,
    Elizabeth Riggin

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