Maine Mussels

Last week the Maine windjammer I work for, the Schooner J&E Riggin, was hauled out of the water for her annual USCG inspection. While she, yes I refer to boats as girls, is hauled out any repairs that need to be done to the hull of the ship are done as is a paint job below the waterline.


Just after she was hauled out I walked around the back of the schooner because I saw these dark spots on the transom and rudder. Turns out they were mussels that had attached themselves to the boat.


I’m not sure what the lighter colored mussel in the middle here is. From the research I did it looks like a Zebra mussel (which is from fresh water so that can’t be it), a female mussel, a green lipped mussel or a Quagga mussel. If you have any ideas, or know for sure – I’d love to hear about it.